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A century of disruptions is accelerating our way. Now is the time to create a plan.

Make sense of the chaos with my dynamic keynotes designed to shift thinking and translate complex information into action.

Inspire your audience with powerful tools and strategies that create immediate impact.

Say goodbye to boring presentations.

My can't-miss keynotes are:


Movement, active participation and humor to energize and engage your audience


Theoretical information translated into actionable practices to achieve tangible results


Personal stories from my journey as a futurist to connect with your audience

Audiences will gain:


Clarity: Understand the impact of trends and how to move forward in light of them


A New Perspective: Discover new possibilities and feel renewed excitement for the future


Actionable Strategies: Impact immediate results with tools, frameworks and strategies


A Competitive Edge: Learn now and future thinking to advance beyond competitors

Bringing possibility to companies, associations, and universities, globally.


Globally-Renowned Speaker and Futurist Elatia Abate

Signature Talks


Business Beyond the Brain™️: AI, Consciousness, and the Future of Leadership

Assembly line logic does not apply in an AI landscape.

In the days of Henry Ford, the assembly line was a marvel of efficiency, a testament to the power of incremental innovation and predictable processes. In today's whirlwind of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, the mind-blowing pace of change demands a radical shift in how we lead and strategize.

Delivered from the intersection of the futures of work, strategy, and leadership this inspiring keynote will guide you through an upgrade in your ability to lead yourself, your company, and your teams into a brand-new future through the easily accessible framework: Think / Do / Be.

Think: Embrace a paradigm-based, emergent approach to strategic planning, moving beyond linear thinking to leverage the interconnected dynamics of today’s markets

Do: Evolve the practice of business from an intellectual exercise into a holistic approach that encourages leaders to harness the potential of their entire beings

Be: Define and assume your role as co-creator and architect of the futures of technology, humanity, and the planet

Leave this experience with a renewed sense of optimism, equipped to with the tools and insights necessary to navigate this new landscape with confidence.


Regenerative Resilience™: Leading in a Future Plagued by Disruption

The velocity of change in our world has moved from incremental to exponential to instantaneous. New tech, which once took decades to integrate into society, is now taking only a matter of days or weeks to reach millions of people - and it's not slowing down.

AI and machine learning are transforming society as we know it, including our understanding of business and how we work, and they're only two of many disruptive technologies.

This moment is inviting us to step into leadership like never before, and learn the tools to both navigate and shape the future in the face of accelerating change.

Regenerative Resilience™ is a dynamic talk designed to arm you to thrive in today's unpredictable world. Learn to sculpt disruption into transformative power. This keynote shares tools made in, from, and for a world in constant flux. Move through this time, not with caution, but with confidence and vision.

Audiences will learn how to: 

  • Navigate From Chaos to Clarity: Reframe your perception of disruption. Turn it from a chaotic threat into a map for growth and progress.
  • Evolve From Fear to Fearlessness: Replace trepidation with an eagerness to explore the uncharted territories.
  • Move From Isolation to Connection: Explore the importance of community and communication for thriving today.

The Future of Now: 3 Strategies to Prepare in a Period of Accelerated Change

As a former corporate executive turned futurist, I’ve spent the past few years researching the impact of technology and disruptive forces on our world. In my findings I’ve discovered that even though major disruptions are approaching us at lightning speed, it's still possible for us to thrive.

In this talk that marries both theoretical and practical ideas, I offer three key strategies to help audiences prepare for and calmly navigate the chaos of the now and future.

Audiences Will Learn: 

  • What is currently at stake, and why “now” is the most powerful time for the future 
  • Outdated paradigms around strategy and work, and forward-thinking models that are imperative for success 
  • How to identify and design fulfilling opportunities despite the unknown

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My Story

I started my career as an executive in the corporate world, before becoming an entrepreneur dedicated to helping others find fulfillment in their work.

Years later I refined my purpose and began my journey as a futurist. I packed a single suitcase and set off to travel the world, where I faced uncertainty head-on.

Now I’m using the knowledge I’ve gained along the way to help organizations and individuals thrive during disruption.

“What is so incredible about Elatia is not only her curiosity to discover things, but her desire to do something with what she discovers. There is a pragmatist with the discoverer. …Her career and her journey has implications for all of us.”

Harry Davis
Professor, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

The future is unfolding today.

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