The Future of Now.

with elatia abate

the Future of Now.

with elatia abate

Forget everything you think you know about the future of work, life, and humanity.

And let’s start creating it.

The way we work, live, and are in the world is changing faster than any other time in history.


Entire industries are being disrupted, struggling to stay relevant or collapsing altogether.


Jobs are being automated at the speed of technology, with no fallback plan on the table.


Thanks to smartphones and the Internet of Things, we’ve never been more connected—or more lonely and isolated.


Even the way we see each other is shifting, as social and cultural dynamics morph with the onslaught of social media and AI.

While these shifts immediately translate to growth for some, they feel like staggering and frightening loss for others—and it can be challenging to anticipate the change still to come.

So: how do we begin to navigate this bold new world, and work these extraordinary shifts into our plans… instead of fighting against them?


Change is unpredictable. But we can still be ready.
It all starts here.

Welcome to
the Future of Now.

I’m Elatia Abate — entrepreneur,
expert on the future of work, and
your co-creator in designing a new
model for tomorrow.

Here are a few ways we can work together:




How does designing the Future of Now start?

Introducing the three pillars of the Future of Now Framework. (No time machine required.)

Group 133

Linear to Exponential

Instead of asking “What can we do with the resources and knowledge we already have?”, we must ask ourselves “What is the true result we’re looking to create?”—which takes our visions and strategies from constrained by prior paradigms to open-ended and boundless with possibility.

Group 132

Scarcity to Abundance

We are shifting away from fixed pie economics (i.e. zero-sum games, and “I win, you lose” negotiating) and into “bubbly economics”, which poses the question: “How do we add value to ourselves and use that new knowledge to add value to work and society… so that everyone benefits as a result?”

Group 131

Or to And

We have categorized the world as “this or that”—i.e. industrial OR technological, corporate OR entrepreneurial, global OR local… OR virtual. But the future calls for us to turn “or” into “and”, expanding the way we approach what we do, and even who our competitors are—so we open ourselves to more opportunities for social impact, inclusivity, innovation, and individual action that leads to collective impact.

Why is designing the future necessary?
Because there is no “they” coming to solve the problems ahead of us.


It’s up to us. So let’s get started.