My name is Elatia Abate, founder of The Future of Now.

2020 - Elatia Abate

I help humans and companies around the world thrive in the face of great disruption, prepare for the ever-changing future ahead, and design new ways to create growth, scale, and fulfillment, even in the face of upheaval.

Since leaving my high-flying executive career in 2013, I’ve immersed myself in the data and research around the future of work, business and life as we know it — and the systemic shifts required to make solutions possible.

As a result, I’ve created a series of strategies, tools, frameworks, and methodologies with a simple goal: to help individuals and corporations build resilience and flexibility. With these tools at their disposal, they can thrive among the often-unpredictable shifts unfolding across industries, cultures, and technologies.

My work’s mission is to help you face and conquer the evolving challenges of today, and prepare for tomorrow by turning strategic, future-focused solutions into manageable, executable systems you can test and scale today.

More than anything, I love challenging assumptions and social and business status quos through data trends and action-oriented tactics. My work doesn’t just help companies and individuals test possible answers to future problems — it also allows people to use their skills, grow, and be their most joyful, creative selves (at work and at home).

2020 - Elatia Abate

Along the way, my work has taken me to some pretty cool places…

… Like designing the C-Suite of the future with PwC.
… And sharing the future of HR at Falconi, a management consulting firm out of Brazil.
… And doing advisory work for a startup in the lifelong learning space, and the Social Innovation Lab at the University Chicago Booth School of Business
… And leading strategic planning for the future of education and information at the University of Arizona and the University of Cincinnati.
… And teaching career design and the future of work — while helping students define their own vision for future happiness and financial freedom — at Notre Dame, NYU, University of Michigan, Stanford, and the University of Toronto.
… And leading from the front of the room on stages at Deloitte, SHRM (the Society for HR Management), VRBO, TedX, and beyond.

But more than anything, I love helping people see what’s possible for their lives.

While we live in an age of tremendous change - we’re also in an era of unbelievable opportunity.

As the old structures and systems crumble, we are being offered a golden moment to install new, expansive models.

We can create inclusive, mutually-beneficial frameworks that release the “every man for himself” structures of the past, and welcome in a new era that prioritizes fulfillment, creativity, and impact for everyone.

The future is ours to create. Are you ready?
Let’s begin.

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