I help solve both people-focused and strategic challenges around the future of work and business.

2020 - Elatia Abate

I offer consulting services for a range of organizations (from early stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations) to help them solve both people-focused and strategic challenges around the future of work and business.

Inside my process, I collaborate with CEOs and teams to tackle a core project or problem within their organization. From there, we carefully craft data-backed solutions that not only resolve internal issues, but also prepare the company for any similar obstacles that may arise in the future.

The Problems I Solve

In my strategy work, I support organizations and their leaders as they up-level into the future-proof tactics of my Future of Nowframework, which include shifting from:


Linear to Exponential

Instead of asking “What can we do with the resources and knowledge we already have?”, we must ask ourselves “What is the true result we’re looking to create?”—which takes our visions and strategies from constrained by prior paradigms to open-ended and boundless with possibility.


Scarcity to Abundance

We are shifting away from fixed pie economics (i.e. zero-sum games, and “I win, you lose” negotiating) and into “bubbly economics”, which poses the question: “How do we add value to ourselves and use that new knowledge to add value to work and society… so that everyone benefits as a result?”


Or to And

We have categorized the world as “this or that”—i.e. industrial OR technological, corporate OR entrepreneurial, global OR local… OR virtual. But the future calls for us to turn “or” into “and”, expanding the way we approach what we do, and even who our competitors are—so we open ourselves to more opportunities for social impact, inclusivity, innovation, and individual action that leads to collective impact.

In my people-focused work, I help companies and CEOs:


Find and retain iconic talent (even when it feels like you’re in a never-ending battle for the top people in your industry).


Create a culture of innovation that positions your organization to weather the changes ahead.


Reshape HR organizations and C-Suites to handle the challenges of today, tomorrow, and a decade from now.


Develop strategies for delivering better results for stakeholders now, and improving them even in the uncertain future.

Past Clients



University of Arizona


University of Cincinnati

Through our collaboration, we’ll design custom strategies that save you and your organization precious time, money, and employees by reinventing one of these three areas:


Talent Acquisition

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching your best talent cycle out every 2.5 years — unless you have designed a recruit-replenish-return people strategy that matches the speed of the market (I can help you with this, too).

That’s why I help companies solve for attrition, improve attraction and recruitment strategies to magnetize phenomenal employees, revamp employer branding and messaging, and more.



Even the most established corporations must be agile enough to shift quickly and pivot with their markets in our uncertain future ahead.

Through my consulting work, I help organizations quickly create and disseminate a future-focused strategy that’s rooted in design thinking and digital transformation — so you’re equipped with a highly-engaged team, and systems ready to face any challenge ahead.


Company Culture

The long-established rules and processes for career growth are now shifting under our feet.

The future of career is the “mosaic career(™)” — a.k.a. a career designed around the things that we value and the kind of impact we want to create with our lives. With this in mind, I guide companies through making this vital transition away from driving their employees up linear “career ladders”, and into this future-focused approach to employee growth that both retains talent, and helps them thrive in the face of disruption.

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